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Export date: Sun May 16 12:07:59 2021 / +0000 GMT

New Tate Britain digital arts campaign works in sync with the current weather and traffic

Article by Lucia Ruggiero

tate-head-logo_1.pngTate Britain art gallery in London has launched a new campaign that displays digital art to passing traffic on the A4 road that connects London with Heathrow Airport. The digital displays can be seen on the Ocean's Two Towers West screen, and the images change automatically according to the time of day, the weather and the incoming flights.

The project aims to put local communities and tourists in touch with the Tate Britain Gallery, and the pieces displayed on the digital screen are taken from the permanent collection from the Gallery, which are renown classic and contemporary British works. The pieces displayed connect the current environment with the digital artwork featured, as paintings have been selected to match the mood and atmosphere of the specific moment in time at which they are being viewed. For example, if the weather forecast shows heavy rain, Turner's ‘A Storm' can be seen on the screens. The traffic flow also affects the choice of works to be displayed.

the storm william turner.jpgThis campaign, by Liveposter in collaboration with Total Media and Posterscope, gained first place in the Ocean Art of Outdoor digital competition in the category of Creative Techniques. It is yet another example of the digital and traditional arts worlds' merging to create new, inspiring installations. However, it also shows a tendency to use new technology to benefit and disseminate traditional art, (through digital archives etc), rather than to explore the possibilities of digital innovation in the creation of new art itself. Despite this, fine arts are becoming increasingly more reliant on digital technology in order to keep the public engaged with art.

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(Photos: Image by © Ocean Outdoor, Tate logo and William Turner's ‘A Storm (Shipwreck)' © The British Museum).