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Export date: Fri May 24 7:35:22 2024 / +0000 GMT

New result for the UNCHARTED project! Deliverable D.5.1 is now available

The objective of WP5- EXPERIMENTAL DEMONSTRATIONS, whose scientific director is ELTE, is to validate the results of the various research tasks carried out in the UNCHARTED project, through concrete experiments and demonstrations carried out by citizens, professionals, administrators and policy makers.

WP5 therefore differs from previous WPs, because it proposes a less theoretical and more pragmatic approach with a focus on co-creation approaches.

The document summarizes the first phase of the results of WP5: the selection of cases study, introducing the criteria of WP5 cases and provides a short description of each.

The deliverable proposes a practice-based analysis of three axes related to cultural value development: Cultural strategic planning, Culture-led urban regeneration, Cultural information system.

The WP5 activities are structured along these 3 axes, with 3 main cases and 2 comparative cases for each main case, for a total of 6 comparative cases:

  • Axis: Cultural strategic planning

    • Main case: Cultural strategic planning of Volterra

    • Comparative cases:

      • European Capital of Culture: the case of Portugal
        United Cities

      • Local Government evaluation of city cultural policies and programmes in Europe

  • Axis: Culture-led urban regeneration

    • Main case: Barcelona Model of urban cultural regeneration

    • Comparative cases:

      • Culture-led urban regeneration in the 8th District of Budapest

      • Urban Regeneration and Cultural Values in the city of Porto

  • Axis: Cultural information systems

    • Main case: The construction of new instruments: Survey on Portuguese Cultural Practices

    • Comparative cases:

      • Information systems in French national cultural administration

      • LUQs – The process of accreditation of regional museums in the Emilia Romagna region

For detailed information, the report is available and downloadable at