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Museums and intangible heritage: towards a third space in the heritage sector

On February 26, the Intangible Cultural Heritage Project will hold its final symposium in Brussels.
The conference aims to draft the conclusions of the cognitive and investigative activities started in 2017 and developed through a series of meetings all focused on identifying the best way to combine the tangible cultural heritage preserved in museums with the tangible cultural heritage related to practice and way of living. The symposium organizers explain that cooperation between intangible heritage and museums can bring enormous benefit to both sides. For example, museums can enrich their object-based collections by including testimonies and practices relating to living, intangible heritage. Heritage practitioners and communities, on the other hand, can gain a wider audience, and can benefit from museum documentation and preservation expertise in order to safeguard their particular branch of intangible cultural heritage.
But often, misunderstandings and conflicts take the place of a fruitful collaboration. The Intangible Cultural Heritage and Museums Project (IMP) faced the causes of this lack of communication and look for solutions to overcome them.
The final symposium addresses key stakeholders from the fields of intangible heritage and museums, such as heritage practitioners, museum professionals, policy makers, academics and representatives of transnational networks.
The main topics of discussion will regard the best ways to bring audience into museum and to promote participatory experiences.

The outcomes of the public forum will be used for drafting future-oriented recommendations and methodologies for both policies and practice.
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