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Export date: Fri Dec 8 22:52:12 2023 / +0000 GMT

Meeting with local tour guides, Vjosa valley, Albania

text and images by Egla Serjani, CeRPHAAL

At the core of the INCULTUM project are local communities and stakeholders, as the main protagonist, able to improve cultural tourism in the chosen Pilot areas. In the Upper Vjosa valley, amongst the identified stakeholder groups engaged in the project are the local tour guides. Therefore, during early April, CeRPHAAL organized a joint meeting with some of the local tour guides operating in the Pilot. The intention of the encounter was to understand challenges and difficulties they are faced to during their work, and develop future policies that aims to mitigate their concerns. The guides were introduced with some new touristic attraction points and itineraries that may be of interest to be added to their domestic tour package. Also, the meeting brough up significant insights about tourism management in the area, which will be further discussed, developed and tested during the implementation of the INCULTUM project in the Pilot.


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