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LuBeC Conference 2013 - "CULTURA: password for future"


The ninth edition of LuBeC will take place in October 17th and 18th 2013 in the traditional beautiful venue of Real Collegio in Lucca and will continue on the 19th with “Lucca open for LuBeC”, when the city will offer the LuBeC participants special openings and events.

This special meeting committed to promoting the Cultural Heritage and touristic-territorial marketing has proved to be over the years a special occasion for cultural growth and for a powerful networking of public government, entrepreneurs, education and research operators and professionals.

LuBeC generates real growth on a local/international level by planning and building a set of parallel events, presentations, debates, educational workshops, B2B and special projects.

LuBeC is organized by Promo PA Foundation under the Patronage of the Ministry of National Heritage, Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Economic Growth, the Ministry of University and Research, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and supported by the Tuscan Regional Administration and the local governments and foundations.


Employment will be the "key-word" of the ninth edition of LuBeC. "Employment" meant as new opportunities and competencies in a chain of areas which have to deal and merge with the green economy, tourism, ICT and “Made in Italy”.

Thanks to a strategic co-operation and partnership with MiBAC, Formez PA, ICS, Enea, the Tuscan regional and local Government, Cesvot and Cnel, LuBeC will be an important opportunity to know the service industry investment opportunities, examining in depth:

- partnerships and investment tools
- updating of museum/business companies networking
- "Cultural Heritage - technology - tourism" supply-chain oriented education.

Much more at LuBeC 2013 with the most updated tools to support the politics for the promotion of Cultural Heritage and Tourism: network management system, accessibility availability, didactics and gaming, communication and popularization, knowledge-transfer techniques, economic and marketing patterns.


LuBeC offers its participants the opportunity to take part to meetings, workshops, debates, previews, and educational seminars dealing with the main themes on new trends and innovation.

LuBeC encourages ideas diffusion and many opportunities of discussion, thanks to a strong organization and outstanding co-operations with authoritative experts, public administrators, public and private business executives, professionals, key workers.


Once again LuBeC includes matching sessions for its participants specially created to allow exhibitors to meet both the public and private sector representatives - interacting in B2B meetings - to help networking and developing new businesses and projects.


Consistently with the international profile of the Congress, LuBeC 2013 will host foreign country institutions in order to share and learn with the Italian counterparts technological and local handcraft skills and competencies.

Thanks to the co-operation LuBeC/Formez, this year LuBeC will have the honor of hosting Georgia which is already an italian "sister-city". The twinning is devoted to Cultural Heritage promoting methodologies.

The European League of Accessible Cities will coordinate a discussion meeting on accessibility and especially on "cities for all", presenting and debating new projects for potentially newly involved cities.


LuBeC is devoted to supporting Public Administration by offering all the Promo PA Foundation know-how and also by organizing free educational sessions (registration is requested) with the purpose of updating and improving competencies.

More information:

Follow LuBeC on Digitalmeetsculture here

More information on the Session of "Focus Employment" on “Cultural heritage and ICT: digital interactivity for the cultural attractors”: (18th October, h. 9.30-13.00) here

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