Lu.Be.C. 2012, knowledge and development of cultural heritage, technology, tourism


Meetings, exhibitions, training, previews and international presentations at the Real Collegio of Lucca

Organised by Promo P.A. Fondazione, Lu.Be.C. – Lucca Beni Culturali – is the international meeting dedicated to the knowledge and development of cultural heritage – technology – tourism, which takes place every year in Lucca, in the third week of October.

Attended every year by qualified spectators, such as administrators, public managers and executives, professional and experts of the sector, Lu.Be.C. has become a crucial moment in the debate between public administration and enterprise, a space of cultural aggregation and a generator of tangible development actions. Each year it registers a significant increase of participants and an ever-increasing quality of presentations.

These two days alternate plenary sessions, debates, workshops, presentations and previews to propose and implement data analysis, researches, business models and best practices, of proficient strategies and collaborative networks, through a constant new organisation addressed to stimulate debates and exchange innovative ideas.

Thanks to Lu.Be.C. Digital Technology, an exhibition dedicated to the digital & technological innovation applied both to the enhancement of cultural heritage and to territorial marketing, Lu.Be.C has become an important appointment for companies and institutions, which want to present ideas and show implemented projects and, meet new potential partners.


In these years, Lu.Be.C. became one of the most important exhibition of ICT solutions applied to the cultural heritage and territorial marketing that bring the attention on the cultural community, especially focusing on the renewal of cultural industry and the management of “country system” between public administration and private companies.
As usual, during these two days, took place plenary sessions, debates, workshops, presentations and previews to propose and implement data analysis, researches, business models and best practices of proficient strategies and collaborative networks, through a constant new organization in order to stimulate debates and exchange innovative ideas. These workshops were planning in partnership with key industry stakeholders including MiBAC, ENEA, ICS, CESVOT, ADSI, Regions, Districts, Local Authorities and businesses.
The main themes of the 8th Lu.Be.C. edition were:
• economic sustainability of heritage management;
• new mobility solution and renewable energy for cultural heritage;
• technology transfer;
• new financial instruments;
• young people for cultural heritage end tourism sector;
• technology development and integration between preservation systems and enhancement of cultural heritage.


In line with the internationalization of the initiative, each year is invited an host country to compare and share different point of view, technology and best practice. During the workshops and the working groups manager of international projects met the international operators.

Further information and results of Lubec will be available soon at: was Media Partner of this event.


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