London Artist wins top Gold Stellar Art Award


Grégoire A. Meyer – Reflection

Southern California, USA,  May 16, 2013

Digital Arts: California is pleased to announce that Grégoire A. Meyer has been chosen to receive a  Gold Stellar Art Award at the international online juried exhibit “Simply the Best 2”.

The judges have selected Grégoire from a highly-competitive field of talented digital artists from more than 27 countries.

Grégoire A. Meyer - Hedonism

Grégoire A. Meyer – Hedonism

His work, including the prize-winning “Reflections”, “Hedonism” and “Rearview Mirror”, are brilliant examples of photographic digital art, and depict varied aspects of the human body and emotions.

Grégoire is a multi-talented photographer and digital artist, currently based in London, who grew up in France, began dancing professionally at 16, and has lived throughout the world.  His growing photography and art career leapt forward in 2010 with recognition by the SONY World Photography Awards.

Since then, he has gone on to win numerous awards and showcase in multiple Exhibitions, including:

  • Awards: London Photographic Association, PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris, etc.
  • Exhibitions: Museum of Outstanding Design  (Italy), “Electron Salon” of Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (LACDA), etc.
  • Publications: International Photography Award, SONY World Photography Awards, Annual PX3

Digital Arts: California produces online international juried art exhibitions for digital artists and photographers, and brick-and-mortar gallery exhibits in California art centers such as Los Angeles and San Francisco.

It is a division of Art and Design Initiative, with HQs in Southern California, with a goal to promote the appreciation of art, photography and design, worldwide.

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