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Language Technologies Showcase Days

This event will be more than a showcase opportunity. A broad selection of EC's projects, both advanced and at early stages, will be presenting their results and sharing their objectives and experiences so far.

At the time of the event, INFSO.E1 will have a portfolio of more than 50 collaborative projects covering domains such as automated translation, language resources, text understanding, and speech-based interactive services.
The event will be organised around topics which will bring together projects regardless of the programme they are being funded under. By clustering projects together in this way, INFSO.E1 believes the participants will have a better overview of what is happening in the respective fields and how EC projects are contributing.
Innovation pilots will be invited to give an insight of their activities, along with the SME-driven activities resulting from a recent call. Language Resources will be covered by presentations and demonstrations from a number of projects. The META-SHARE team will be organising a "hands-on" session, showing interested participants how to upload, share and retrieve their resources.
Additionally, it will be presented the META Strategic Research Agenda. Keynote speakers will include the LT COMPASS project team who will present the Value Chain and Market Research work they are undertaking.
So that participants can have an idea of future research directions and funding opportunities, the ICT Work Programme 2012-2013 will be aired, together with up-to-date information about CEF – the Connecting Europe Facility, a common infrastructure fund to deploy smart interconnected transport, energy and digital networks, and Horizon 2020, the new research and innovation framework, 2014-2020.
In parallel to the showcase event, it will be hosted the fourth and final MultilingualWeb workshop, which is to take place on 15-16 March, 2012.
The event will take place in the conference complex of the Jean Monnet building in Luxembourg. Participation is free of charge, but subject to prior registration and confirmation.

For further information (including the registration form, the final agenda and a list of participating projects):

Registrations will open on January 2012