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Lambousa Fishing Boat: progresses on digital preservation

images in this post courtesy of Cyprus University of Technology.

January 12 2024 marked a significant milestone as the EUreka 3D partner UNESCO Chair on Digital Cultural Heritage had a productive meeting with the esteemed members of the Δήμος Λεμεσού - Limassol Municipality. Progresses have been shared of the Lambousa Fishing Boat case study, part of the EUreka3D project, showcasing the incredible strides made in digitization, modeling, and the development of the e-platform dedicated to Lambousa.

The team has been hard at work, passionately committed to preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage embedded in the Lambousa Fishing Boat, a unique part of Cypriot fishing tradition and industrial heritage. Through meticulous digitization efforts, detailed modelling, and collaborative initiatives, this fascinating piece of history is being brought to life in the digital realm.

The Lambousa Fishing Boat case study

The upcoming e-platform for Lambousa is set to be a comprehensive hub, housing all materials and insights related to the case study. From historical documentation to 3D models, the platform will provide an immersive experience, allowing enthusiasts and researchers alike to delve into the intricate details of the Lambousa Fishing Boat. The model, accompained with informative metadata and paradata, will be published soon on Europeana, the European website showcasing heritage collections, openly available for education and resercah purposes.

The meeting was a wonderful opportunity to share the achievements with the Municipality of Limassol, fostering a collaborative spirit for the preservation of cultural heritage.

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