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Join the Europeana Labs Challenge and win up to €25,000 funding for your project

europeanalabs challenge

This is a call out to all creative thinkers! From now until 29 February, Europeana Labs is  asking you to submit your designs for fantastic products and services which make the most of Europe's rich digital cultural heritage. We've selected three diverse and interesting topics - First World War, Art & Design and Europe's Music Heritage.

Competition criteria

We are looking for products, services and projects which:

  1. Re-use Europeana openly licensed content

  2. Are dedicated to the competition themes of First World War, Art & Design and Europe's music heritage

  3. Demonstrate clear social and/or economic impact. Successful entries will meet at least one of these criteria:

    • Offer novel and engaging ways of experiencing and/or interacting with digital cultural content

    • Support lifelong learning e.g. have a strong educational element

    • Enable commercial re-use of cultural data

  4. Have a clear business model (address key elements, such as target group, value proposition, technical feasibility, sustainability)

We are open to entries at various stages of maturity (concept, prototype, early stage product). Suitable entries include apps, online services, games, e-books, or artistic and product designs.


Competition winners will receive a share of the total prize fund of 25,000 EUR for further development of their projects. The exact amount of funding will vary depending on the project quality (how well the entry meets the competition criteria) and development needs. To receive the funding, the winner will be required to sign a subcontract with the Europeana Foundation.

In addition, competition winners may be eligible for non-financial support, such as participation in co-creation and crowdfunding workshops.

How to apply

Firstly, check out some of the resources we have compiled for each theme, as examples of the sort of content that is available on Europeana.

Then develop your idea. Concentrate on the judging criteria - you'll have the opportunity to include demos, but it's really the vision, impact and viability of the idea that we're interested in.

Then submit your application via the simple entry form available on the competition page.

Deadline: 29 February 2016.

Within two weeks after the competition deadline we will contact short-listed applicants and schedule Skype interviews to further evaluate their application. Competition winners will be announced on 31 March 2016 on the Europeana Labs website.