Italian workshop “Nozioni di base sulle e-infrastructures e casi d’uso nell’ambito delle istituzioni culturali”


“Biblioteca Nazionale” in Rome, hosted an interesting meeting organized by the DC-NET Project.

The workshop aimed to provide basic knowledge about e-infrastructure, their type and usage. Users’ stories showed how their potential can actually help the cultural institutions and not only the research community.

The workshop hosted many Italian decision-makers and experts in cultural institutions who operate in the ICT and digitization of cultural heritage.

The seminar was held with the presence of many interested participants. The speeches and presentations were interesting and also showed many examples of important best practices.

It was the first of several DC-NET training workshops which will be held in different countries around Europe. The upcoming events are:

  • Stockholm, 24-25 October 2011
  • Budapest, 3 November 2011
  • Athens, 23 November 2011
For further information (Italian language):

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