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Istanbul Digital Art Festival '24 edition and Open Call

Nohlab at IDAF 2022 with the audiovisual journey "Prima Materia"


This year, the Istanbul Digital Art Festival will hold its fourth edition at AKM from 2 to 5 May 2024.  It will gather artists and digital artworks from around the world to celebrate the transformation of art.

Since its inception in 2021, the festival has been the first ongoing event in Turkey and Istanbul exclusively featuring digital artworks. It aims to provide space for artworks created with technology, increase their visibility, and organize exhibitions that meet the requirements of the transformation of art. IDAF aims to explore how digital art and virtual worlds interact with the concept of reality and how this interaction transforms the human experience. It invites participants to think, question, and delve into the depths of virtual worlds as a platform of art, music, and games.

The festival encourages thought about the complex interaction between our real and digitally constructed identities and directs us to understand how art shapes identities in different realities. This year, the festival will be a platform that invites contemplation on how identities constructed in the virtual world reflect and influence our real-world identities, delves deeply into the relationship between humans and technology, and shows audiences the doors to different worlds.

Artists use digital tools to interpret reality from unique angles, offer alternative perspectives, and question established norms. They create original compositions that transcend traditional genres, providing a music experience in another reality. They shed light on the interaction between reality and the digital world with games that allow participants to build their digital identities and provide a unique sense of reality. From textile art to wearable technology, digital music and games, they express emotions, experiences, and concepts in innovative ways through digital works.

Open Call

The festival's conceptual framework and artists are determined each year by a different curatorial team.

Applications must be completed by 15 April 2024

  • Who can apply? Artists working in areas such as performance, data visualization, kinetic arts, bio-art, artificial intelligence, robotics, mechatronics, and those with projects within the context of technology, art, and science, producing works under different subheadings of digital arts, can apply to the festival. Applications are open to all departments and faculties, primarily including fine arts, architecture, design, engineering, natural and physical sciences, and communication faculties of universities.

  • Can I apply with my collective? Yes, groups or collectives with a project can participate.

  • Can I apply with more than one project? Project owners can apply with more than one project.

  • What is the application age limit? The application age limit is 30 years old.

  • Do I have to pay to apply? No, applications are free of charge.


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