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T.M. In few words how could you define Banff Center?

M.E.H. Located in Banff National Park, a world heritage site in the heart of Canada’s spectacular Rocky Mountains, The Banff Centre is Canada’s only post secondary learning institution dedicated to the arts, mountain culture, and leadership programming.

T.M. Arts, natural environment and leadership programming. Let’s start from the Banff location.

M.E.H. Since its inception in 1933, The Banff Centre has placed great value in its unique and spectacular mountain environment within Banff National Park. The Centre is committed to environmental leadership and performance in all its operations and has developed and implemented a wide range of environmental initiatives. Located within a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Centre supports education and environmental awareness for all staff, program participants, and guests.

T.M. And it is in this great and inspiring natural contest that Banff’s activities take place

M.E.H. Yes, for 75 years, artists have come to Banff from around the world for professional development of their art and their creativity. Business leaders and leaders from the world’s mountain communities join conference guests in the pursuit of creative inspiration and renewal. In The Banff Centre’s powerful mountain setting in the heart of Banff National Park, exceptional artists and leaders from around the world create and perform new works of art; share skills and knowledge in an interdisciplinary environment; and explore ideas and develop solutions in the arts.

T.M. Can you introduce your arts programs?

M.E.H. Arts programs are at the core of The Banff Centre. Programming supports the commissioning and creation of new work by individual artists and arts collectives, and provides resources for collaboration and applied research. Training and professional development at the post-graduate level in more than a dozen art forms including Aboriginal arts, music, theatre, dance, opera, literature, ceramics, print-making, painting, papermaking, photography, sculpture, audio engineering, digital film and video, and new media. Work is showcased in public performance, events, and exhibitions throughout the year, culminating in the annual Banff Summer Arts Festival.

T.M. Banff center offers many different work study opportunities in every sector of art, can you talk about the ones referring to digital media art?

M.E.H. Yes, of course. Our offer includes the section of  the Film & Media Work Study programs that provide advanced training opportunities in the areas of digital media, research, film, audio and photography.

T.M. How do they work in practice and which kind of experience are requested to participate?

M.E.H. The internationally-renowned work study program provides a hands-on learning environment for professionals in audio, film, digital media and photography looking to refresh and upgrade their skills and expertise, as well as for media students wishing to increase their practical skills before transitioning to a professional career. Participants from around the world participate in the work study program to benefit from a unique combination of expert mentorship provided by the international faculty and staff. Film & Media Work Study positions are intended as a continuing education experience for media professionals with mature artistic insight and advanced practical skills, including significant professional experience or a high level of professional training. Work Studies take a leadership role in the daily operation of Film & Media programs, productions, research labs, studios, photography and departmental administration. Work Study participants serve as assistants to more experienced staff and visiting faculty or experts in their field of production. Working within this team environment, participants are guided and evaluated by experienced mentors on a regular basis. Participants accepted to the work study program are awarded a weekly stipend to offset the costs associated with room and board during the program.

T.M. What are the work study opportunities of the Film & Media Work Study programs for this year?

M.E.H. The work study activities goes from October to January or Mars. The ones you asked about are Research Associate, Music Producer, Audio Engineering , Audio Technology  Audio Post Production Engineer,   Studio Technician and Camera Operator Work Study.

T.M. Banff Center is a growth center, it’s an events production center, what else?

M.E.H. It’a community. We are a community that inspires each other to push boundaries, to take risks, and to develop new ideas and solutions for the present and future. Our mission is Inspiring Creativity. We promote and foster a creative culture that stimulates personal and professional growth. We believe our strength rises from the diversity of our personal attributes and our cultural backgrounds.



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