Is this just fun with characters?


Tiago Pinto, a Portuguese Advertising Creative working in Amsterdam, had “not-so-far-from-work-stuff” personal fun with Fonts.

“For me every font has a face, since they’re different from each other they kind of have their own personality. That’s how The Type Faces project was born, starting with the Futura’s good looking mid-life man, the Italian Bodini with a fashionable moustache, the sad Courier New and the not so handsome Comic Sans.”

Typefaces have personalities, and Tiago’s project interprets typefaces as real faces, caricatures drawn out of the letters, numbers, and symbols of a single corresponding typeface.

Nice merchandise comes from the project, that the author promises to develop soon.


The project is not so distant from the past one Words at Play by Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich and Matteo Bologna: here the fonts were used to make portraits of famous writers.


The Words at Play project is based on Open Type Fonts from the Adobe Type Library, and beyond the very nice website, it features a interesting book with 21 portraits of well-known authors, completed with a quotation from their works.


Every portrait is realized with a single font which expresses the author’s personality, and contains all the letters that are present in his name.



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