International workshop on Graphics Recognition

GREC 2015, cc by

GREC 2015, cc by

The XI IAPR (International Association for Pattern Recognition) International Workshop on Graphics Recognition (GREC 2015), organised by the IAPR TC-10 (Technical Committee on Graphics Recognition), will take place at RAMADA Plaza Tunis Hotel (Gammarth – Tunisia) on August 20-21, 2015.

The GREC workshops provide an excellent opportunity for researchers and practitioners at all levels to meet colleagues and to share new ideas and knowledge on graphics recognition methods. The workshops enjoy strong participation from researchers in both industry and academia.


The workshops’ post-proceedings are published as a Springer LNCS volume.


GREC 2015


The Engineering Drawing Challenge

IAPR TC-10 presents the Engineering Drawing Challenge, taking place in the framework of GREC 2015. This is a totally open challenge, wherein the participants are encouraged to present innovative ideas and methods related to automatic engineering drawing interpretation. Its ultimate goal is to foster creativity and give more visibility to the presented proposals, while collaborating on enriching the state-of-the-art in the field. Hereafter the details.


During last GREC, hundreds of engineering drawings have been made available to the community thanks to Daniel Lopresti and the Bethlehem Steel Corporation. They are both hand-made and computer-made drawings from the 60’s to 90’s. The first 23 images are now available for research purposes! [download the images]


A first exploratory challenge is proposed, according to which only the image dataset is made available to the community. Thus, participants are requested to present open ideas and methods describing how they can collaborate to enhance, understand, preserve and reuse such unique heritage.
Each participant is invited to express her/his interest by submitting an extended abstract which describe her/his method and contribution. Both experiments conducted on the partial or full dataset are accepted.
Examples of contributions are (but not limited to): image enhancement, vectorisation, text/graphic separation, symbol detection, ground truthing assistant tool.


GREC 2015_2

During GREC 2015, all the participants of the Engineering Drawing Challenge will have the opportunity to present their results and the audience will be invited to vote for the best contribution (Student Response System). The one considered the most innovative, creative and interesting by the audience will be awarded.


Submission of results
Participants are invited to email an extended abstract of two A4 pages maximum following the Author Instructions and Paper Format of GREC’15 to the organisers. Additional material (e.g. results images) can be included as download link.

Important dates
1st July – Deadline for extended abstract submission (2 pages maximum)


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