Digital meets Culture
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International Workshop: Digital History and Public History

Cattura3The meeting, held last 29th October at the University of Alicante, represented a good occasion for All those involved in the promotion an preservation of Cultural Heritage in order to introduce the projects they are currently carry on and debate on theoretical and practical aspects for promoting collaborative forms which help to "Build History".
On this regard, Dr Maurizio Toscano, from the University of Granada, task leader of the Rural Heritage Pilot of REACH project, gave his contribute to the dialogue with a speech on "Participatory approaches and engagement strategies in Digital History projects".
The workshop was organised in the framework of the "Guerra e Historia PĆ¹blica" (GeHP, War and Public History), an interdisciplinary project which aims to set up a digital platform for sharing knowledge about the Independent War of the Community of Valencia (1808-1814) among citizen and in this way,educate to peace values and promote a sensible and engaged tourism.
The use of this smart platform will allow researches, teachers, tourism agents export data and re-use them for their purposes.

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