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Taking place in California, at the Santa Clara Convention Center, from 28 to 30 September 2015Integrate is the nation’s largest integration + API conference featuring participants such as Google, IBM, Facebook, Linkedin, HP, Slack, HipChat, Zendesk and 200+ more companies.

The age of simply “buying technology products” is over: innovation and progress depend on how we integrate technologies into custom solution sets. The vision of Integrate is that data, API’s, infrastructure and IT products will see themselves as components of a single interconnected technology platform.

Use code “IntegrateMediaPartner” to receive a FREE Integrate OPEN Pass ($300 value) or click here.


Your OPEN pass will get you into all of the following summits and events:

  • Integrate 2015 Hackathon (Sept 26-27)
  • Platform Strategy Summit (Sept 29)
  • Marketing Stack Summit (Sept 29)
  • WorkStack Summit (Sept 30)
  • Internet of Things Integration Summit (Sept 30)
  • 30+ OPEN Talks at API World Conference.

OR Get 30% off your Integrate PRO Pass (see pass types here)


Santa Clara Convention Center

Santa Clara Convention Center


Integrate 2015 is about Open Technology:

The growth of the Open Web (with open API’s, open web content and open communication) enables Open Technology.
Open Technology makes it easy for anyone (from startups to Fortune 500’s) to integrate with banks, retail brands, health care providers, government data, utility data, consumer social apps or even personal geo-location and preferences via cloud-base integration. Just as opening the web democratises information, opening technology democratises intelligence, analytics, business functions, communications, social activity and business processes.


There are a few core components of Open Technology:


  • Ease of integrating the technology
  • Use of standards/interoperability in your industry
  • Effort made to integrate with the most common solutions already in use.






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