ECLAP: 2012 International Conference


The ECLAP 2012 conference took place in the prestigious location of Convitto della Calza in Florence, and hosted very valuable researchers, professionals, institutions, technicians and practitioners in the area of performing arts and information technologies, media entertainment, technology enhanced learning, intelligent media systems, acoustic systems, cultural heritage, and many others.

The ECLAP conference was indeed the place where institutions, industries and European Commission and Europeana projects in the areas of cultural heritage met to collaborate and present their results.

Information technologies have made possible many important changes in the field of cultural heritage and continue to provide dynamic and exciting media platforms through which new possibilities perpetually emerge. The Performing arts, as well as digital libraries, media entertainment and education find many technological achievements to spread and be known and utilized by the public.

professor Sarah Whatley

One of the most interesting keynote speeches was the one by Professor Sarah Whatley from Coventry University, introducing the digital dance archive of Siobhan Davies (UK’s major contemporary dance choreographer). The archive is named RePlay and aims both to preserve the intangible cultural heritage of dance and to ensure open access to such a resource, for educational purpose and general dissemination.

Same objectives (preservation and access to physical archives) but specific issues were described by dr. Sharon Shapira-Glaubach during a presentation of DITA (Database for Israeli Theater Archives) initiated and maintaned by the University of Haifa Younes & Soraya Nazarian Library as part of its Israeli Heritage Preservation actitivities.

dr. Nikki Timmermans

Another extremely interesting and hot topic, the sustainability of cultural heritage initiatives, was widely discussed by dr. Nikki Timmermans of Stichting Nederland Kennisland, who explained why a more entrepreneurial mindset and new practices in business model innovation is needed.

From oversea, the conference had a very valuable participation of Professor Heather S. Nathans from the University of Maryland College Park, about the relation between archival structures and academic research. “The Avatar Project”, a creative research and performance workshop for first-year students at the University of Maryland, aims to investigate the requested skills and knowledge about archival structures that have to be transferred to the students for their successful researches.

In the Poster Session, it is also worth to mention the presentation of the The Cuban Theater Digital Archive (CTDA) by dr. Lilian Manzor from the University of Miami. This archive aims to be a resource for teaching, learning, and research in Cuban theater and performance as well as in related fields; a digital repository for important Cuban theatrical materials little known outside the island; and a forum to foster scholarly communication in this field.

Among the others, who presented several projects and initiatives as for the application of IT to Performing Arts and cultural heritage, was presented during the General Track of the conference.

dr. Valentina Bachi, Executive Editor of

Being a valuable dissemination tool and mean of information about such projects, in facts, our portal meets the interest of the target audience. Our presentation paper was also included in the proceedings of the conference.

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