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Launching the INCULTUM Pilot in San Pellegrino in Alpe (Tuscany)

photo courtesy of University of Pisa

One of the Pilots of the INCULTUM project, aiming and empowering sustainable cultural tourism in peripheral areas with communities engagement, is coordinated by the University of Pisa and is set in the beautiful landscape of the Garfagnana in Tuscany.

San Pellegrino in Alpe village, with its mountain breathtaking view and its spirituality athmosphere, has recently been the stage for the launch of the Pilot managed by the Department of Political Science of Pisa University and coordinated by Professor Enrica Lemmi (full Professor of Geography) in the framework of INCULTUM - INnovative CULtural ToUrisM in European peripheries, the European project financed under HORIZON 2020 programme.

On 17th July 2021, INCULTUM inaugural event was held in Saint Pellegrino and Saint Bianco Sanctuary, where a religious art exhibition called “San Pellegrino in Alpe. History of a boundary town” was set up. The event has been organized by the Departments of Political Science of Pisa University, in collaboration with private and public local stakeholders: the Priest of San Pellegrino in Alpe, Fondazione Area, Fondazione Campus of Lucca, the Municipalities of Castiglione di Garfagnana and Frassinoro, the Provinces of Lucca and Modena; the event has attracted numerous residents and visitors mainly interested to experience the high cultural identitary value of the place.

all photos courtesy of University of Pisa.

The aim of the first INCULTUM event for this Pilot is to valorize San Pellegrino in Alpe village for its rural cultural heritage, its unspoilt landscape, as well as for its pilgrimage's place history, especially through Saint Pellegrino lifetime and legend konwledge and promotion. Besides, during this inaugural event, particular attention has been given to local traditions, handicrafts, migration history and past rural lifestyle, told by the actress Elisabetta Salvadori, in her theatrical performance called “La Barbiera”, which have representing the central event of the day.

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