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Export date: Mon Dec 4 19:21:00 2023 / +0000 GMT

INCULTUM Pilots meet to share about their progress

ph. Pietro Masi

In order to keep the pace of Pilots' progress in the various areas and activities, a series of online networking meetings was organized on 9-10-11 January 2023. The Pilots have a lot of commonalities and differences, and often share challenges and to-dos. For this reason the Pilots coordinator University of Granada is facilitating internal communications by informal talks.

INCULTUM has entered since few months the very central part of the action plan, and the first outcomes of the Pilots' activities are important to be shared among the INCULTUM partners first, to then distill solutions that can raise to a more general level of scalability and become good practices to share to the entire cultural tourism sector.

The meetings were led by prof. José Maria Civantos, the project coordinator, and attended not only by the Pilots but also by the research partners in the project, to derive interesting inputs that contribute to the work in backending the INCULTUM innovative solutions experimented in the pilot sites.