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INCULTUM Pilot at the 10th Congress on Rural Studies at the University of Algarve

This congress was hosted and co-organized by the Faculty of Sciences and Technology and by the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences of the University of Algarve, with participation of the Team of INCULTUM Pilot focused on research and recovery of the Campina de Faro area; in particular Pilot coordinator prof. Desidério Batista is member of the Organizing Committee and the Scientific Committee of the Congress. The Congress took place at the University of Algarve from the 26th to the 28th of May and prof. José Maria Civantos, coordinator of the INCULTUM Project, was one of the Keynote speakers.

How does water, waters – groundwater, rainwater, river, marine – condition or conditioned agriculture and rural society? What strategies and what processes of cooperation or conflict have occurred in the access and use of water? What economic uses have been given over time? How have water resources been or can be used from a sustainability, tourism and biodiversity perspective? And, in the context of climate change, how to manage this resource? How can we learn from the past valuable lessons for the future?

IX Congress of Rural Studies and X RePort Rural Meeting, organized by SPER – Portuguese Society of Rural Studies, and by Rural RePort – Rural History Network.

About the congress:

Programme (PDF)