Digital meets Culture
Export date: Thu Jun 20 5:28:47 2024 / +0000 GMT

Collaboration established for synergies in cultural tourism, between INCULTUM and CREATOUR Observatory

The CREATOUR Observatory – Observatory on culture and tourism for local development is an initiative coordinated by the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra.

It focuses on 3 thematic fields: 1) Ecologies of Culture and Creativity; 2) Cultural, Creative and Regenerative Tourism; and 3) Local, Regional and Community Development, adopting a transdisciplinary perspective and critical reflection. Focusing on extra-metropolitan areas of Portugal, the Observatory is an intersectoral platform that brings together researchers and professionals from the cultural/creative and tourism sectors, in a logic of training, evaluation and co-production of knowledge with practitioners and public decision-makers. The Observatory also serves as the hub of an emerging international network – CREATOUR International.

It is a common goal for INCULTUM and CREATOUR to support cultural tourism development at local level, and for this reason a collaboration agreement was recenty established netween the two for cooperation and synergies.