IFBOOKTHEN 2012 International conference


In the first edition last year the conference discussed about changes in reading experience, digital culture preservation, US and in European market evolution, with the support of researches and case studies.

This year many prestigious guests will lead the guidelines of the conference:

  • Markets & Numbers with Mike Shatzkin, Javier Celaya, A.T. Kearney, Nielsen Bookscan and others.
  • Piracy, analytics, reading experience, self publishing with Peter Meyers, Sascha Lazimbat, Peter Collingridge and others.
  • New business models with Rochelle Grayson (BookRiff), Valla Vakili (SmallDemons), Justo Hidalgo (24Symbols) and others.
  • Hot topics round table with Molly Barton, Richard Nash, David Miller, Giovanni Bonfanti, Philip Jones and others.

The conference comes along with a nice workshop specifically built for all the professionals in the publishing industry, about the relationship Author-Agent-Publisher.

Registration required.

For further information, and registration: http://www.ifbookthen.com/

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