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Export date: Sat May 28 16:10:49 2022 / +0000 GMT

ICOM Kyoto 2019 - Museums as Cultural Hubs: The Future of Tradition

icomA wide programme of ICOM members meetings, keynote speeches and excursions constitutes the 25th edition of ICOM conference, in Kyoto, under the main theme "MUSEUM AS CULTURAL HUBS: The Future of Tradition".

On 1-7 September 2019, Kyoto will be the city to receive some 3,000 participants to the ICOM General Conference. A flood of discussions and exchange of ideas on museum-related issues will sweep the city during the week. The event will offer opportunities to engage with museum professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world and to broaden user experience and understanding of the museum world.

The theme, “Hubs” aims to highlight 2 key concepts:

  • Museums as “Networks” –supporting collaborative partnerships with one another,

  • Museums as “Cores” –invigorating communities at the local level.

The sub-theme “The Future of Tradition” aims to link museums to the future whilst respecting traditions. Looking forward to discussing these timely topics with participants from all over the world.