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Export date: Tue Jan 19 14:30:32 2021 / +0000 GMT

IBM Zoo Animation

by Lucia Ruggiero

IBM_-_PLebty_-_jelly_london_jelly-london_964_resize.jpgThe new IBM Zoo animation demonstrates how digital art is becoming more and more relevant across all different sectors, not just for the art and design world.

Artists and designers 'Plenty', based in Buenos Aires and part of the Jelly London team, were asked to create a new short animation for IBM to advertise business analytics to medium-sized businesses. The result was a 30 second animation clip using computer animation software 'Maya' and 'Cinema 4D' featuring zoo animals and a zoo. This digital work may remind one of a children's animation, but as it targets businesses, it demonstrates the importance of making things seem simple, approachable and appealing using digital art and design, not just for children but for adults working in all types of areas, including the business sector.

IBM Zoo clip:


Interview on Digital Arts Online website:

Jelly London 'Plenty':

(Photo: (c) Jelly London)