HoloDecks’ ‘augmented sound sculptures’


by Lucia Ruggiero

HoloDecks2The HoloDecks project has recently created art pieces that combine sound and digital media, with the intention of visually representing audio. “Augmented sound sculpture” is the name they have given to these pieces, which were all designed using a custom-made application from openFrameworks. Perhaps the key to the originality of the final product lies in the building of new applications, leading to the creation of truly unique pieces of digital art. The sound sculptures use a 3D model that visualises the audio. The visuals can then be converted into screenshot images, which can be printed using a Makerbot 3D printer after converting the file into ‘.obj’ format. What is so remarkable about the use of the 3D printer is that the projection mapping of the audio file is converted into a real sculpture, which is essentially a physical representation of a particular moment in the piece of music.

HoloDecks, as a whole, shows a unique approach to digital art and innovation with the constant aim of ‘transforming sound through different mediums’.

HoloDecks on Vimeo:

(Photos: (c) HoloDecks 2013)



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