Hal Lasko, the pixel painter


by Lucia Ruggiero

aglowfish-620x436.jpg98-year-old Hal Lasko worked as a graphic designer before he retired, at a time when the design industry was not focused on computer-based work. However, after being introduced to Microsoft Paint during his retirement, Lasko began to create artwork using the programme, showing not only that all generations can learn and benefit from computer-based art, but also that even basic artistic applications like MS Paint can be used to create high quality, intricate pieces of digital artwork.

hal-lasko-thriller.jpgArtwork by Lasko, such as his piece entitled ‘The Thriller’, demonstrate that attention to detail and small-scale, intricate, digital drawing can be used even on an application such as Paint, that so many associate with the 90s, back when digital art software was much more limited. Lasko’s work shows that no matter how many innovative, artistic programmes are created for computer-based artwork, sometimes going back to basics really can get an artist some recognition. After all, a software as basic as MS Paint surely shows an artist’s natural ability and talent to make something incredible out of something so average, more than a software with hundreds of different effects and buttons to mask up a less-able artist. In some cases, complicated, state of the art programmes may demonstrate an artist’s excellent command of digital computer software rather than their natural creative talents. Lasko’s beautifully detailed prints are available to buy online.

Official website: http://www.hallasko.com

Video of the artist on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/70748579

(Photo credit: hallasko.com and abcnews.go.com, Ryan Lasko)



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