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Export date: Fri Sep 17 6:42:18 2021 / +0000 GMT

GLAMURS project joins RICHES network



A Cooperation Agreement was recently signed between RICHES and FP7 project GLAMURS. Coordinated by University of A Coruna, GLAMURS started in January 2014 and will support policymakers, businesses, and citizens to make the right decisions on the way towards a sustainable future. GLAMURS will create communicative contexts on European and regional levels to investi
gate how such transitions are possible. Methods such as knowledge co-production, agent based modelling, macro and micro economic modelling along with the highly integrated view of the interdisciplinary GLAMURS team will help to find greater insights into the complex issues involved with sustainable development.

Between January 2014 and December 2016 GLAMURS will focus on six lifestyle domains: energy use, housing, work-leisure-balance, food-consumption, mobility and the consumption of manufactured products. Seven case studies will help understanding of how transition to sustainable lifestyles and green economies are possible. GLAMURS will point out how lifestyles of sustainability pioneers could inspire regional actors to change political settings so that transitions to sustainable regions will become reality. At the same time, the regional and case study analyses will provide an insight into the upscaling to transitions beyond the regional levels.

The cooperation with RICHES, next to cross-dissemination and cross participation to events and initiatives, is particularly interesting for synergies, collaboration and exchanges between researchers in different domains.

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