Digital meets Culture
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Geocoded Digital Cultural Content

Geocoded_digital_cultural_content_ftdThis new book Geocoded Digital Cultural Content, edited by Franc J. Zakrajsek and Vlasta Vodeb (with a foreword curated by Antonella Fresa) focuses on Geographic location, which is a very important attribute of a cultural heritage item. The authors investigate here the possibilities and approaches regarding the use of e-infrastructure in geo-coded digital culture.


Scheme: The INDICATE project as a bridge between GIS, cultural content and e-infrastructure

This work is a result of a strong cooperation between LINKED HERITAGE project (Coordination of Standards and Technologies for the enrichment of Europeana) and the INDICATE project (International Network for a Digital Cultural Heritage e-Infrastructure), a concluded European Union FP7 project which aimed to establish a network of common interest made up of experts and researchers in the field of e-infrastructures and digital cultural heritage at Euro Mediterranean level.

The geo-coding of cultural content is becoming a very promising technique which is opening new scenarios of exploitation and valorisation of the European heritage. Many applications have been developed and are used in the cultural tourism, teaching, learning research domains. This publication is the result of a wide range of studies, experiments and investigations carried out in the frame of several national and European initiatives in the last year.

This document is an extract distilled from the case study on Geocoded Digital Cultural Content and associated workshop held in Ljubljana, which is published in cooperation with the LINKED HERITAGE, because of the high-interest demonstrated by the cultural institutions about the use and application of the GIS technologies to their digital repositories.

Download the publication here (PDF)