FST, digital integrated and crossmedia communication in Tuscany and beyond


Fondazione Sistema Toscana (FST) is a no profit partecipative foundation created in 2005 by the Tuscany Region and the Monte dei Paschi di Siena Bank, with the aim to promote the Tuscan territorial system through integrated multimedia communication tools.


Among its goals, the FST has the mission of overcoming the digital divide and the cultural divide related to the themes of new media and new technologies.

FST implements and manages a web newspaper – intoscana.it – aimed at the information and communication of the Tuscan excellences in every activity field, by creating ad hoc contents and multimedia products.

FST logoThe Foundation carries out projects and initiatives in the field of web 2.0, digital communication, territorial marketing, online touristic promotion and conceives and delivers complex events; furthermore from 2010 FST develops and supports activities in the audiovideo and cinematographic sector, further to the incorporation of the Mediateca Regionale Toscana (the Tuscan Regional Multimedia Library).

This integration of diversified competences – project management, editorial production, cataloguing and archiving,  content management – allowed the rationalization and the optimization of resources as well as the creation of a unique vision of the multimedia and digital technologies chain; it also become a fundamental condition to support in a more and more relevant way Institutions and Local Authorities in the elaboration of integrated policies in this field.

ToscanaLab-puzzleThanks to its experience, know how, networks and acknowledgments acquired, FST has become one of the main actors in the field of digital integrated and crossmedia communication at Regional and National level.

Besides its mission, the FST has developed a strong network of relations and collaborations with public and private entities at National and European level and offers multiple modalities of development and communication on demand.


Fondazione Sistema Toscana

Via Duca D’Aosta 9

50129 Florence – Italy

tel: +39 055 2719012

Adriana de Cesare a.decesare@fondazionesistematoscana.it

Tiziana Lombardo t.lombardo@fondazionesistematoscana.it


Among its main activities and projects:

www.intoscana.it, the official webportal of Tuscany with 25.000 daily unique visitors and 1.400.000 daily accesses

Webportal www.turismo.intoscana.it, the website dedicated to the touristic promotion of Tuscany, the third most visited touristic website in Europe- after those of London and Paris –  conceived and implemented in the framework of the web strategy for the Regional Tourism communication campaign Voglio Vivere Così

Internet Festival (www.internetfestival.it) an annual event taking place in Pisa, Italy in October. 2012 edition gathered 56.000 visitors and 65.000 online unique accesses to webstreamings. Over 150 events distributed in 22 different locations, 400 speakers and over 100 accredited journalists and bloggers.

Festival d’Europa 2013  (www.festivaldeuropa.eu) 7-12 May 2013 150 events in 40 different locations in Florence, 200 speakers over 300 accredited journalists and bloggers

Support to the online strategy of the Tuscany Region project Giovani Sì www.giovanisi.it


Festival della Creatività, the event that in 5 editions (2006-2010) gathered over 1.200.000 visitors  http://2010.festivaldellacreativita.it

www.zoes.it (equo-sustainable zone, with the cultural foundation Responsabilità Etica), trool.it (acronym for: All Children Now Online, a project about the safer internet in collaboration with the Istituto degli Innocenti)

 www.toscaninelmondo.org, the official website of the association of the Tuscans abroad

ToscanaLab, itinerant laboratory on the value and opportunities of the web 2.0 (www.toscanalab.it)

BTO-Buy Tourism Online (www.buytourismonline.com), international Stock Exchange of the online tourism

Mediateca Toscana (www.mediatecatoscana.net): public access to over 10.000 titles, 5.000 pictures and posters, 3.000 documentaries and 8.000 films

Toscana Film Commission (www.toscanafilmcommission.it): offers free of charge assistance to the cinematographic crews making productions in Tuscany


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