Digital meets Culture
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From Neanderthal to Space Art

ecultAccording to the ‘European Competitiveness Report 2010' cultural and creative industries in Europe are one of the most dynamic sectors, accounting for 3.3% of EU GDP and 3% of employment. Moreover, given the immense cultural patrimony concentrated in Europe, the creative and cultural sectors are a vehicle of significant lifestyle changes and progress, including the development of new jobs, innovative ways to approach cultural heritage masterpieces and inter-generational and intercultural dialogues.
For the aforementioned reasons, in 2011-12, the European Commission invested approx. 100 M€ per year in technologies for digital content and cultural heritage. The support goes to research and innovation in tools for content creation, access and preservation.

In this light, the eCultValue project that started on 1 February 2013 will support and encourage the use of new technologies that have the potential to revolutionise new ways to access cultural heritage and experiences offered by cultural resources in real and virtual environments or a mix of both.
eCultValue enjoys the cooperation of key stakeholders in the ICT and cultural/art field and avail of a truly international consortium from the main European countries that count the majority of the worldwide Cultural heritage patrimony. The eCultValue is composed by Research and Innovation Centre in Information, Communication and Knowledge Technologies ATHENA, Greece, European Forum of e-Excellence, U.K, Association for Culture and Education KIBLA, Slovenia, The European Museum Forum, U.K., Cultural Heritage on-line, France, and ESOCE, Italy (Coordinator).

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Among other activities, eCultValue will organize a series of immersive and interactive events such as the eCult Dialogue Days that will bring together stakeholders, related projects and initiatives and end users to discuss how to benefit of new ICT technologies to make art and heritage patrimony more accessible to audience. Summer Stages will train future eCult Ambassadors on available technologies and in which scenarios they are best deployed.
The eCult Observatory, an on-line platform, will act as a "one-stop-shop" for Cultural heritage, new technologies and the exchange of knowledge.

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