Framed 2.0: A digital frame that responds to gestures and voices


by Lucia Ruggiero

38fcc27c3ff3f2932e2acffec4063abe_large.jpgFramed 2.0 is a new Kickstarter project by FRM. Though it may appear to work similarly to other digital screens that project artwork for home use, such as Artkick, Framed 2.0 it incorporates features that set it apart from most other digital frames on the market. The frame is integrated with smartphones and capable of showing both static and moving images, including GIFs. It also responds to voice commands and gestures. Not only can the frame be used to display digitally stored art pieces, but it can also be used an innovative way of marketing new artwork, due to the launching of the ‘Frame Store’ in collaboration with new and emerging artists.

The co-founder of FRM William Lai (in an interview with The Verge magazine) explained, “we’re focused on helping artists deliver a unique experience to users,” and added that their, “[our] mission is to collaboratively push the medium forward, and make it accessible to all who want to support it.”

a0a1cb0c1cd7241dab92e6cc55677d7e_large.jpgThis highlights to us that the key, perhaps, to focusing and projecting new digital artwork is through the realm of technological display for artwork itself. This would enables those who are interested in new digital methods to come into contact with the art itself displayed through new mediums, based on the idea that “if people are going to buy a product specifically to display digital art, they will be willing to purchase original works to display on that frame” (Aaron Souppouris, The Verge).

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Framed 2.0 on Kickstarter:

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