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Export date: Wed Aug 5 17:00:32 2020 / +0000 GMT

First Business Modeling Workshop of Europeana Space

by Gregory Markus, NISV

On June 26th at the aptly titled “Proud Archivist” in London the Remix Summit Agency, Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and Exeter University met to hold the first of six Business Modeling Workshops (BMW) as part of Europeana Space. The goal of these Workshops is to take the 3 finalists that come out of each hackathon through a grueling day of business modeling to shape, hone, and improve their projects' market potential.

The first BMW featured the three finalists that participated in the Europeana TV Hacking Culture Bootcamp in Amsterdam at The Waag Society on May 8, 9, 10. These three finalists were Bosch, ART(F)INDER, and Mnemosyne. You can read the hackathon report here and watch the video report here.

Throughout the day the three projects were guided through the famous Ostwewalder Business Model Canvas. As the teams filled in aspect they were critiqued and guided by the project representatives. At certain points big decision had to made. Forks in the road were omnipresent for all projects, and at each fork, choosing the left or right road would sometimes drastically change their business model, market potential, customer segments etc.

However, as the day went on all three projects began to take shape and strengthen greatly. Over the next week Remix and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision will review the final business model canvases for each project and decide which will win the coveted Europeana Space Incubation Support Package provided by Remix and the project consortium.