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Export date: Sat Aug 24 13:29:11 2019 / +0000 GMT

Firedog's 'Dreamscape' for The Barbican

Barbican_billboard_web1.jpgFiredog recently teamed up with The Barbican, the most important centre for performing arts in the UK, to launch an ad campaign to promote the Barbican and its facilities to a wider, and perhaps younger, audience.

Firedog is a creative agency based in Hoxton, London, that works with digital medium in publishing, advertising, printing, branding and animation. Their work developed for the Barbican, entitled ‘Dreamscape', shows a very unique creative streak in their overlaying of digital stills, colours and structures over a central portrait photograph of an individual. Barbican_poster_web1.jpgThe creation of these advertising images, which can be seen all over London on the tube, on Barbican leaflet guides and on canvas bags, stemmed from the focus on the audience The Barbican wanted to portray in the campaign.

The images certainly capture the dream-like feeling of being part of the audience at a musical performance, not only due to the fact that all the subjects in the images have their eyes shut, but due to the use of colours and digital overlay, it is as if we are seeing the experience the music creates in their minds as spectators. And of course, this experience may be unique to every viewer. Ale_final_RGB1.jpg

Firedog explain that “The Barbican wanted us to capture the act of listening to these pieces and transcribe this into a visual, relatable form.” The relatively young age group of the subjects photographed in each shot may suggest an aim to extend The Barbican's appeal to younger audiences, in the hopes of making the experience of listening to classical music live appeal to more varied age groups. Whether the use of these powerful, digital images inspires a different demographic to attend the Barbican is impossible to tell. However, Firedog's beautiful pieces of work undoubtedly capture a range of feelings and sensations associated with musical audiences.

Read ‘Dreamscape' article on official Firedog website.

(Photos: (c) Firedog 2013).