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Export date: Fri May 24 7:58:42 2024 / +0000 GMT

Fieldwork for INCULTUM Pilot 1 on Altiplano de Granada

One of the Pilots of project INCULTUM is set in the stunning landscape of the Altiplano de Granada. It is a flat semi-arid area with poor soils and an extreme climate due to its altitude, continental influence and the presence of surrounding mountains. These characteristics have contributed to the creation of a unique landscape marked by impressive badlands where the historical relationship between humans and the environment has built balances based on a sustainable use of resources, particularly water and soils. This has allowed the creation of historical irrigation systems that form real oases of great beauty with numerous cultural and environmental values.

As part of the recovery efforts to promote the area, an initiative of fieldwork is organized in January 2022 to restore and reconstruct the cultivation terraces once delimited by drystone walls. The activity is coordinated by the MEMOLab at the University of Granada, the laboratory of biocultural archaeology, involving local communities and associations for the territory's promotion.

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