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EVA London 2017: conference, exhibitions, a research workshop and numerous of demonstration sessions

Held annually in July, EVA London is one of the international Electronic Visualisation & the Arts conferences. The first EVA conference was held in 1990, with the intention to create a space for people using or interested in the new technologies to share their experiences and network in a friendly, collaborative atmosphere. EVA London's focus is on the development and application of visualisation technologies to various domains, including art, music, dance, theatre and the sciences.

EVA London 2017 is held on 11-17 July 2017 with a preliminary event on the 10th July, and:

  • has a focus on visualisation for the arts and culture - interpreted broadly to include its implications, effects, and consequent strategies and policies

  • covers the burgeoning creative uses of digital media for works of art and creative productions

  • is a networking event for groups and projects, including European projects and groups

  • includes a free-of-charge Research Workshop for MA, MSc and PhD students and others, to share their research in a friendly and informal setting

  • is inspiring and informative, collaborative and friendly

Website and full programme: 

EVA London's Conference themes 2017 include:

  • Digital Art

  • Data, Scientific and Creative Visualisation

  • Digitally Enhanced Reality and Everyware

  • 2D and 3D Imaging, Display and Printing

  • Mobile Applications

  • Museums and Collections

  • Music, Performing arts, and Technologies

  • Open Source and Technologies

  • Preservation of Digital Visual Culture

  • Virtual Cultural Heritage

  • Virtual Worlds and Video Game Art

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