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Europeana Photography @ ICT2013, IPR networking session


ICT2013 was a major event this year, in Vilnius during the semester of Lithuanian Presidency of EU.

EuropeanaPhotography could not miss to participate in it, to disseminate to the whole community the important results that were achieved so far, in particular on the side of IPR related to digital content.

A special get-together networking session that took place on 7th November to discuss such important topic with experts from public and private institutions, Europeana Foundation, representatives from other digitization and research EU projects, as well as private companies and consultants.

The participant speakers were:

  • Antonella Fresa, Promoter srl, Technical Coordinator of EuropeanaPhotography

  • Andrea de Polo, Fondazione Alinari

  • Viktorija Jonkutė, Lithuanian Art Museums

  • Julia Fallon, Europeana Foundation

  • Jacqueline Cawston, the Serious Games Institute

  • Evgeny Kossev, Regional Museum of History - Stara Zagora, INSIDDE project

The session also included a presentation related to the IPR activities at the University of Coventry, coordinator of EuropeanaSpace and RICHES projects, both in negotiation. The presentation was illustrated by Antonella Fresa on behalf of dr. Marion Doyen.

The session was intended to foster knowledge exchange and networking actions to address a very common and shared issue from different points of view and backgrounds, also in the light of enabling a true, exploitable creative re-use of the digital content available in Europeana and in other online collections.

Download the presentation "IPR related to digital content" (PDF, 1,7 Mb)

Outline of the session (PDF, 192 Kb)

Networking session description on ICT2013 page.

ICT2013 at booth 5, 7th November 9.00 am.


ICT 2013