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Export date: Wed Apr 17 18:53:06 2024 / +0000 GMT

EuropeanaPhotography 3rd plenary meeting

The third plenary meeting of EuropeanaPhotography project will take place in Athens, hosted by the National Technical University of Athens.

The location was chosen in Athens because the meeting will also offer a technical training for the content providers of EuropeanaPhotography, who will learn how to properly use the software tool for the ingestion of metadata to Europeana.

In facts in the previous months, while the content providers started the selection of content and initial digitization phase, the technical partners (NTUA and KMKG) were working closely together to develop the tools for enrichment and ingestion: the EuropeanaPhotography multilingual vocabulary, by KMKG and the MINT mapping tool, by NTUA.

As a result, a very user-friendly platform is ready to use for EuropeanaPhotography content providers: once the selected images are digitized, the related metadata will be ingested, mapped and enriched with the tool and the vocabulary, and then delivered to Europeana.

The MINT training is not the only special-event of the plenary meeting: it is also planned to host a presentation about the Rights Labeling Campaign by the Europeana Team.