EuropeanaPhotography 2nd plenary meeting


Second Plenary Project meeting

reserved to project’s partners
Barcellona, 17-18 September 2012

Palau Moja
Carrer de la Portaferrissa, 1
08002 Barcelona




September 17

11.00-11.10 am welcome by hosting director and by project coordinator (Antonella Fresa)

11.10-12.30 am wp1, wp2, wp3 (by WP leaders)

12.30-13.15am wp4, wp5, (by WP leaders)

13.30-14.30 lunch

14.45- 15.40: wp6, wp7 (by WP leaders)

15.40-16.10: partners divided in groups. Every WP leader lead a discussion on their own wp matters (issues, threats, miscellaneous)

16.10-16.40: overall project discussion update and remarks from WP leaders

16.40-16.50: CAFFE BREAK

16.50-17.30: open discussions covering open issues with terms of masterpieces, any question on image quality, content selection, indexing issue, digitization and so on (all partners welcome for contribution)

17.30: 18.00: final consideration for day 1 by project coordinator (Andrea de Polo)


September 18th

Meeting start at 9.30am

9.30 -11.00 WP 4- WP5 update seminar on MINT-LIDO, metadata matters (by Natcha and Nikos)

11.00-11.10 cafe break

11.10-12.00am WP 4- WP5 update seminar on MINT-LIDO, metadata matters (continuation) (by Natcha and Nikos)

12.00-13.00: discussion for next meeting and action/to do work, pending issues

13.15-14.15: lunch

14.15-15.15: any other issue or discussion that could raise (or time from coordinator to provide time sheet and management/subcontracting explanation support to needed partners)

15.15: END of the Second project meeting


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