Digital meets Culture
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Europeana Space Opening Conference

banner - Venice conferenceA rich program of speakers and creative sessions to build bridges between Cultural Institutions and Creative Industry.

Digital Cultural Content Re-imagined: New Avenues for the Economy and Society.

The Opening Conference of Europeana Space is a great event held in Venice on 16-17 October 2014, in the beautiful locations of Ca' Foscari University.

It is becoming extremely relevant that these two sectors, the Cultural Institutions and the Creative Industry, are more and more encouraged to get in connection, in order to unlock the business potential of digital cultural heritage.

Europeana Space project, including representatives of both sectors, intends not only to demonstrate that this connection is a win-win opportunity, but will also support its initiation and long-term viability by creating an open, fertile enviroment where the digital cultural content can be re-used in innovative creative applications and products.

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Conference Objectives:

  • spreading the message that cultural heritage is a living process and is vital for the health of society and the growing economy

  • presentation of market analysis and business models for reuse of digital objects / promote discussion on economic sustainability of cultural assets

  • involve players in discussion on how digital cultural content can be re-used

  • awareness-raising and public engagement in the Europeana Space project: set problems and show in which way the project is addressing them



Why in Venice / Ca' Foscari University

  • Italy as unique repository of cultural heritage with huge potential for valorization

  • Venice meeting East and West, land and water, history and future

  • Ca' Foscari University merging economics & management with humanistic knowledge