Digital meets Culture
Export date: Sat Sep 26 14:53:42 2020 / +0000 GMT

Europeana Space MOOC

Europeana Space acknowledges the key role of digital cultural heritage to enhance education learning and training since the very beginning of the project. A dedicated task on education and training material is foreseen in the project planning and led by KU Leuven, and the task leader Fred Truyen announced the idea of developing a E-Space MOOC was launched since 2014. The E-Space MOOC will be a real academic course available via KU Leuven's channel on the renowned platform

mooc meeting

The mission of the E-Space MOOC, as defined in the dedicated meeting held in Leuven on 16-17 July 2015, is to show how people can become creative with Europeana and digital cultural content, and what Europeana can bring to the learning community, and to educate people with the concept that cultural content is not just to contemplate, but to live with and engage with.

The educational idea behind the E-Space MOOC is also to lower barriers to the access to resources and content, providing tutorials and trial versions of applications and tools. In facts the plan is to organize E-Space MOOC in 3 main levels:

Entry-level module: showing different kinds of content and how to re-use them

Level 2: pro-am level: conveying the information on how to use existing tools on E-Space platform and Europeana Labs: we want to stimulate people to become proactive users of Europeana (and similar)  content.

Level 3: Professional level: this could be a repository of information for professionals, e.g. how to use the Pilots outcomes for commercial applications, how to manage rights of images, how to access the E-Space API's.

The MOOC will also include additional levels about IPR, cumulative lessons learnt on: market analysis, hackathons (especially the experience of the TV hackathon), workshops, problems developers may face (use cases), how to get familiar with technical components etc…, the E-Space incubation process and much more.

It is planned to showcase a demo version of the E-Space MOOC already in the second international conference organized in Tallinn on 10-11 December 2015.