Europeana response to the EC Public Consultation on Copyright Rules


euuuThe European Commission has launched a public consultation as part of its on-going efforts to review and modernise EU copyright rules. The consultation invites stakeholders to share their views on areas identified in the Communication on Content in the Digital Single Market, i.e. territoriality in the Single Market, harmonisation, limitations and exceptions to copyright in the digital age; fragmentation of the EU copyright market; and how to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of enforcement while underpinning its legitimacy in the wider context of copyright reform.


Click here to view the EC Public Consultation


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To achieve a consensus-driven collective response, Europeana formed the ‘Copyright reform working group’, consisting of members from the organisations that are represented on the Board of the Europeana Foundation. Europeana has asked each member of the group and the Network to share their  positions and opinions on the consultation. Chaired by Kennisland’s Paul Keller, a collective response has been documented, debated and agreed with members of the group, including noting dissent where this is necessary. To complete the process for securing a mandate from the Europeana Network, Europeana  is circulating this paper to all Europeana Network members.


Click here to access Europeana’s response paper


Europeana is asking if:

  • You endorse the Europeana response and wish this to be represented in this response,
  • You oppose the Europeana response and do not wish your organisation to be represented in this response.
  • You have your own views and would like to share them.


The deadline for submitting a response to the public consultation is fast approaching: 5 March 2014.

Please submit your view or questions on Europeana’s response to as soon as possible. 

Any explicit endorsement or dissent with the views expressed in Europeana’s response will be noted in the formal response to the public consultation.  Any other views shared or expressed will be taken into consideration in development of future responses or documents.

Europeana also encourages every member of the Network to submit their own response to the public consultation – you may also visit the public consultation website directly.


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