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Export date: Wed Oct 4 7:41:22 2023 / +0000 GMT

Europeana survey about enrichments to cultural collections

img. CC-BY Wellcome Collection via Europeana. Geology: various uncut gemstones, and the substrate in which they are found.

In recent years, the volume of enrichment activities in the Europeana ecosystem has increased significantly, by adding new human and machine-generated metadata, transcriptions, subtitles, and other types of enrichments to cultural heritage data published in the Europeana website. As more and more enrichments are being produced by the Europeana Foundation and partners, the need for defining clear goals and expectations around them is also growing.

For this reason, Europeana has started working towards a policy for enrichments and has the necessity and the pleasure to invite cultural insstitutions in the process. To achieve that, infacts, it's fundamental to understand the various stakes, practices, thoughts and opinions in the area of enrichments, and to do that, we would like to invite you to fill out a survey designed specifically for this purpose.

The survey has 22 questions, out of which nine are mandatory. The answers will help shape a vision and  principles that will guide decisions and requirements for future enrichment activities.

The survey will be available until 27th of March.

More information and the link to the survey, which should not take more than 15 minutes to fill in, are available at this link.