Digital meets Culture
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Europeana Dreams.
And we'd love you to join in


No-one can visit all the museums, libraries and archives across Europe in person. But online this can become a reality. How we do that is up to you. In the future, how do you imagine you will help others explore, discover, learn about, work with and play with Europe's heritage online?

We need your dreams to help us decide how to work over the next few years and to show policy-makers that Europe cares about its heritage and about how we can all explore and work with it in the future.

Here's just a snapshot of the dreams for the year 2020 that we've collected already:

From Jon Voss of Historypin: 'From their classrooms, children will visit art in the greatest museums of Europe, hear music from the greatest venues, see streets as they are now and as they were hundreds and hundreds of years ago.'

From Lizzy Jongma of the Rijksmuseum: 'Art is beautiful, art is pleasure, art is inspiration for new art, art is understandable. Art is available, everywhere... for everyone. And I hope that by then we can touch, smell, zoom in and out, turn, alter and add art: digitally.'

Whatever your dream, go to, share it with us and together we can make it happen. We've already captured six big dreamers on video. Watch their films, share them and then share your own dream too – in English or your native language, it's up to you.

Just tweet your dream with the #AllezCulture hashtag, share it on the Europeana Allez Culture Facebook page or submit it using the Dreams form!