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The 2012 International Conference, hosted in the beutiful framework of Florence, is open to researchers, professionals, industries, institutions, technicians and practitioners in the area of performing arts and information technologies, media entertainment, technology enhanced learning, intelligent media systems, acoustic systems, cultural heritage, and many others.

The full programme and the list of speakers is available at:

The richness and value of the European performing arts heritage is unquestionable. Even though these collections are now being digitized and published online, they remain scattered, and coordination is lacking between digital libraries and the performing arts field; however, there is a high demand for access to this content. ECLAP fills this gap by creating a considerable, and hitherto missing, online archive for all the performing arts in Europe, and providing solutions and tools to help performing arts institutions to enter the digital Europe by building a network of important European performing arts institutions and archives and publishing content collections Europeana, the European Digital Library. ECLAP is creating a best practice network, making use of advanced database and delivery tools for the production and dissemination of the rich multilingual European heritage. This will result in cultural enrichment and promotion of European culture, and in improvements in learning and research in the field of performing arts.

ECLAP Major objectives

  • Bring together Europe’s most relevant performing arts content, content never before accessible via the Internet, coming from major institutions; performing art material coming from theatre, dance, music, cinema and film, …: representing performances, lessons, master classes, teaching material, etc., in the forms of videos, audio, documents, images, animations, playlists, annotations, interactive content, etc.; available through ECLAP portal and published on Europeana;
  • Create a stable and open best practice network of European performing art institutions, to help them to exploit digital content and to talk about new technologies and tools;
  • Providing solutions and services to major performing arts institutions such as: content ingestion, metadata enrichment, content distribution, content aggregation into Europeana, IPR management, content channel visibility, play lists, annotations, multilingual semantic/fuzzy search queries, partner/colleague search, …;
  • Provide solutions and services for a variety of users: teachers, students, performers, researchers, and performing arts lovers for edutainment, infotainment and entertainment.

ECLAP provides to registered users and partners many functionalities and facilities, such as:

  • Search, retrieve extensive high quality multilingual content;
  • Access and play a large range of cross media content from video to e-books
  • Enrich and contextualize, annotate, aggregate content;
  • Upload and share multilingual content, get them indexed with the others;
  • Comment, annotate, rate and vote on content;
  • Register and networking with others users and institutions;
  • Create discussion groups and forums;
  • Upload digital resources for professional and User Generated Content;
  • Use tools to manage and define IPR issues and accesses;
  • Distribution and access all content via different devices such as PCs, tablets and smartphones;
  • Ingestion and publication of metadata to Europeana, to conquer more visibility at your content;
  • Usage and exploitation of e-learning facilities;
  • Statistical analysis;
  • Workshops and events.

ECLAP is establishing a set of best practice guidelines covering performing art key areas, such as metadata and content modeling, mapping metadata standards, semantic enrichment, IPR management tools, business models, ingestion and integration of end-user contributions, education and leisure tools, digital libraries tools. To this end, ECLAP work is going to organize international workshops, conferences, via a number of working groups. The ECLAP also supports clustering between several projects identified by the European Commission: ECLAP will place at their disposal all solutions and analyses performed, as well as procedures for transcoding metadata and content, and all the experience and codes to replicate ECLAP solutions.

ECLAP also organises workshops and conferences, to actively fostering networking and strengthening links among the performing arts institutions throughout Europe and at an international level. The ECLAP is developing best practice guidelines.

For further information: ECLAP WEBSITE


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