Digital meets Culture
Export date: Thu Jun 30 7:37:19 2022 / +0000 GMT

EU Commission recommendation to accelerate the digitisation of cultural heritage assets

A new European Commission recommendation has been published, aimed at promoting and accelerating the digitisation of cultural heritage.
The purpose is to protect and preserve it and incentive its reuse in domains such as education, cultural creative sectors and sustainable tourism.

The Commission encourages Member States to digitise by 2030 all monuments and sites that are at risk and half of the most physically visited monuments and sites.

The task is to preserve the European cultural heritage, exploiting technological knowledge, artificial intelligence, data and extended reality.

This recommendation will contribute to the objectives of the Digital Decade (presented on 9 March 2021 by Commission for Europe's digital transformation by 2030) by fostering a secure and sustainable digital infrastructure.

Europeana, the European digital cultural platform, will be the basis for building the common data space for cultural heritage:
museums, galleries and archives across Europe will be able to share and reuse digitized images as high-quality scans of paintings or 3D models of historic sites.

Read the press release on the European Commission website.
Here the link to download the recommendation and its annexes.