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Book publishing today is a market where digital and traditional coexist, where borders and frontiers blur and at the same time defy each other. It is a world where the roles of readers, publishers, authors, distributors refuse to be rigidly defined.
The speed of acceleration in change is soaring and often forced by external factors. Yet change and speed can turn into as many opportunities for those publishers ready to learn to adapt and rapidly innovate their products and processes.

Many companies have already realized that if they want to survive and expand they need to be agile and dynamic and develop (a number of) original, innovative, resourceful digital strategies. Furthermore, these strategies need to be modified and fine-tuned to emerge in a market where niches and traditional segments combine in new ecosystems.

Publishing houses and technology are converging, publishers and digital companies are starting to share (even if possibly not enough so far) lessons from their successes and failures in the past years. They have been exploring ideas and new forms of processes reorganization, new forms of marketing and communication.

Discussion and exchange, the ability to hybridise technologies and contents, being imaginative in creating projects and concrete in analyzing data, this will be the blend necessary to steer through ongoing changes.

Since 2008 Editech has been offering Italian publishers the widest, deepest and most complex picture of the international digital market, favouring through plenary and parallel sessions, dedicated workshops and direct meetings among operators a personalized path for each applicant.

This year too Editech will help participants to observe what’s going on in the digital universe, giving them inspiration, instruments, guidelines for a successful approach to change.

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  • The “International Conference” will be held at the premises of Palazzo delle Stelline, Corso Magenta 61, Milan
  • The “HTML5 and EPUB 3 Seminar” will be held at the premises of Associazione Italiana Editori, corso di Porta Romana 108, Milan
  • The “READER-FRIENDLY EBOOKS Seminar” will be held at the premises of Fondazione Mondadori, via Privata Riccione 8, Milan

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