EAST Forum 2014 “Promoting Talent and Entrepreneurship in Europe: a way for Growth”


east forum 2014The Economic crisis brought unemployment rates to extremely worrying levels and unemployment, especially among young people, has become a major problem in Europe in these latest years.
According to Eurostat, the unemployment rate of EU 28 member states increased by 10% in the last 5 years, from 2008 to 2013. Even more alarming is the situation for young Europeans: one out of five cannot find a job (i.e. 22.8%, in some countries such as Italy exceeds 40%).
Because of these discouraging figures in the EU Member States, understanding how the European and global labour market is changing becomes a priority.
The East Forum 2014 conference, organized by Unicredit and the geopolitical magazine EAST in partnership with the European Council on Foreign Relations aims at exploring the future of work and labour market changes and how new skills are required in this changing panorama.
The following are the topics that will be discussed during the East Forum 2014 in Brussels on October 24th:
1. A Changing Labour Market: new jobs. During this first panel, young entrepreneurs will talk about their successful stories and how they became creators of innovative start-ups. Moreover the panel will focus on start-ups as a new entrepreneurial model and how to support new, innovative companies with high potential so that they can bring new value to the market.
2. Growth: Innovation and Investments. During the second panel, authoritative speakers from the private sector will discuss about the importance of investments in nurturing and supporting a new wave of young entrepreneurs and innovators in reviving growth and anticipate challenges.
3. The Role of Public Policies in Developing and Attracting Talents, and Making Them Move Around. Starting from the case study of the “Hartz” labour market reform in Germany, the third panel will see experts and professionals discuss about what public policies can do to develop, attract, retain and move talents around.
The expected outcome of the event will be to facilitate an open dialogue, stimulate creative thinking, and begin to generate debate around how to best policymakers, academic institutions and corporate actors can contribute to a job rich growth where talents and young and innovative entrepreneurships are promoted.
To read the entire agenda and for further information about the East Forum 2014 please visit: http://www.eastforum.it/agenda_EF.php.


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