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E-Space technical workshop

Europeana Space is establishing a Technical Space as a framework for storing, accessing and processing cultural heritage content and metadata. Based upon IPR licensing, curators, scholars, professional users and developers will be able to search for and manage resources within a safe space, to use and re-use them for the evolution of knowledge and the development of applications.

photo courtesy by Waag

photo courtesy by Waag
In this technical workshop it will be presented the architecture and implementation choices for the Technical Space of Europeana Space project, specifically:

  • The Data Infrastructure that includes the retrieval and storage layers for content and metadata from available sources.

  • The Metadata Processing Unit that integrates available services for the management and manipulation of metadata resources.

  • The Access APIs that constitute a set of interfaces that will be made available for the delivery of resources and the creation of applications.

Registration is still open and a live streaming of the event is provided by the hosting partner iMinds, starting from Monday 23rd h. 9.30.

Discussion and interaction with invited stakeholders will focus on validating and expanding the specification of functional and non functional requirements of the Technical Space in order to fulfil the needs of a wide user base. Moreover, the workshop will allow participants to learn more and experiment with the Europeana Labs, presented and coordinated by Europeana Foundation representatives.

Speakers at the workshop are the Technical Coordinator Antonella Fresa (Promoter); Nasos Drosopoulos (NTUA); James Morley (Europeana Foundation).

The workshop opens with a public session including lunch/networking, on the 23rd March 2015 h. 9.30 – 17.00. The second day is a plenary of the Pilots reserved to the project partners.

PDF flyer of the event 

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