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E-Space MOOC: a successful first run

by Clarissa Colangelo, KU Leuven.
Article originally appeared on the E-Space Photography Pilot Blog.
photo courtesy KU Leuven

On January 10th 2017 the MOOC “Europeana Space: Creative with Digital Heritage” ended. With almost 1000 enrolled learners from 90 different countries and regions, we are very pleased to announce that this first run of the course was a success.

What made this possible was not only the enthusiasm shown by the E-Space partners in collaborating to the development of this course, but also the availability of KU Leuven to host our MOOC on their edX channel and to provide excellent support throughout the whole process; for them this was an experiment with a MOOC that stems directly from a research project rather than being based on existing university lectures.


Grades were not the main focus of the MOOC. What interested us more, was that students could learn and discover useful information and material derived from our experiences within the E-Space project, that would allow them to improve and enhance their creative role in relation to the reuse of digital cultural heritage.

The course raised very positive reactions among the learners. With some minor adjustments, we will soon be able to relaunch the course, which we are confident will be met by the same positive reaction!

“Thanks for offering this course! Very interested to learn this material, glad to know about this information, how to use it, and the future of its use!”

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